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Make your Social Photos move with App Fixel

Capture a moment, bring it to life with the swipe of a finger, and share instantly with your friends. Inspired by Cinemagraphs, Flixel lets you create beautiful living photos in seconds Go to to download App

HTC looks like it’s gearing up to take on the iPod Touch with an Android-powered personal media device equipped with Google Play, according to a patent submissionspotted by Patent Bolt [via Cult of Android.] The patent, which was filed in Q1…Read more

Crosswalk and LaunchRock Track the Winning Apps of SXSW

Today, and LaunchRock published a list of results from SXSW titled:Who’s Winning Austin, based on data from verified downloads. The score is based on % user growth during the conference. While Lanyrd and Highlight top the list, at…Read more

Apple launches 24 Retina-ready choices

Apple has launched a new section of its iTunes App Store stocked with apps that take advantage of the new iPad’s Retina display. If you’ve snagged a new iPad and are waiting for it to come in, these are the apps that…Read more