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Make your Social Photos move with App Fixel

Capture a moment, bring it to life with the swipe of a finger, and share instantly with your friends. Inspired by Cinemagraphs, Flixel lets you create beautiful living photos in seconds Go to to download App

Machine Turns Facebook Pokes into Real-Life

The attempt to get someone’s attention by virtually jabbing your finger in their side or arm, or wherever else you might picture the poke landing, just doesn’t make sense. Despite that, through all of the changes that Facebook users have…Read more

Artistic Subway System in Stockholm

The Stockholm Metro is undoubtedly one of the most artistic subway systems in the world. It is not for nothing that it is called the world’s ‘longest art gallery’. Artists, painters and sculptors have been given the opportunity to convert…Read more

Money Art by Kristi Malakoff

Kristi Malakoff is a Canadian visual artist who has returned to Canada after time spent living abroad, most recently in Moscow, Russia, where she participated in a 2-month residency at Proekt Fabrika in the spring of 2010, and previously in…Read more