Incredible PR Stunt for Marketing Your App

TAXI, a multi-disciplinary studio based out of Toronto, created an app and site known to Canadian drivers as Pothole Season. The app & site allows anyone to report potholes and get directions to places while them along the way. So far over 2,615 potholes have been reported using the app.

But as well as the app is designed (trust me, it’s slick), the topic isn’t exactly thrilling. On top of that, whenever I hit a pothole, I prefer to swear, curse and then move on — instead of actually reporting problems to the city or other drivers.

Brilliant as the agency is, PaperPlane, a street and guérilla marketing blog reports that the TAXI team has created a blunt, yet completely original PR stunt to draw attention to the app. The message here was to encourage drivers to use the app, or else the following just might happen to you. And as you can see below, the results were rather awesome:

Overall it’s an impressive take on a real problem for local drivers. Hopefully the stunt will help give the app some of the attention it deserves!

Written by Harrison Weber



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