A stylish Custom logo is the first step to establishing your brand
Designing a great logo is one of the key ways to establish a unique identity in the marketplace. These unique logo designs should therefore be powerful, but not overly complex, to make an instantaneous and memorable impact.

Allow FUNXION Creative's Design Services to create a logo that encompasses the image and character of your company. Whether you have an idea in mind already or you would like us to design one for you, rest assured that your logo will be innovative and artistic. Contact Us to speak to one of our specialists today.

Corporate Identity
Quality speaks for itself. It is the quiet confidence and unspoken authenticity that transcends image to identity. At FUNXION Creative, we are vigilant in our efforts to establish a fresh, distinguishable identity for our clients allowing your first impression to be a lasting one. Corporate Identity encapsulates the consistency of colors, logos, fonts, and themes pertaining to the design identity of your business. This includes consistency from your web page, to business cards, to flyers, to merchandise, etc. FUNXION Creative’s Design Services can strategically implement this utility to establish fluidity between all your corporate resources. This utility ultimately benefits your company by epitomizing professionalism and preserving design integrity over all mediums. Take a look at our Logo Design Portfolio

Collateral Design
Collateral Design is an extension of your company’s marketing capabilities. This pertains to products and items such as booklets, brochures, posters, and print materials. Take your business to the next level with FUNXION Creative’s Collateral Design Services.

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